Cole Kennedy

Ahoy, and welcome to my little corner of the internet.


I spend my days at Burrow, where we're creating clever, uncompromising furniture for modern life at home. Before that, I was at Starry, working to introduce the nation to the first truly new internet service in decades. And in the distant past, I was a Content Strategist at Hook & Loop, a Copywriter at Handy, a Content Intern at Foursquare, and a Social Media Intern at the Missouri Review literary magazine. I'm a graduate of the University of Missouri.

In school, I studied English with an emphasis in Creative Writing (to be extra specific, I studied creative nonfiction). Want to know what I'm reading? Check out my Pocket profile or my bookshelf.

Want to chat about finding the coolest restaurants in your city, racing sailboats, snowboarding, the apps that I think are better than their more mainstream competitors (like how you should obviously use the Cash app over Venmo), our favorite writers, craft beer, pretentious coffee, or anything else? Drop me a line.

Take care out there,

Cole D. Kennedy

P.S. Next time you have to take a headshot, you should bring a leaf blower into the mix. Great advice.