Never Normal


Never Normal introduced Burrow to a broad audience as the antithesis of a normal furniture company.

Normal furniture companies are a pain in the ass, and no one thinks nice thoughts about them. Not even the ones that have microwaved meatballs. We created this campaign to highlight the clever features that make Burrow stand out: a built-in USB charger, scratch- and stain-resistant fabric, and the award-winning modular design that makes it incredibly easy to set up and move.

We made a minor splash by getting our adorable video of a smitten couple moving in together banned from Facebook for sexual content, and also getting shortlisted for a Communication Arts award.

Creative Director: Gianmaria Schönlieb

Art Director: Renée Gabrielle

Director: Andrew May

DP: David Jacobson

Editor: Dan Daly

Colorist: Ayumi Ashley at Ntropic

Sound Design: Chris Afzal at Wave Studios

Executive Producer: Avtar Khalsa at Imposter