Plastic Paper


Plastic Paper is a non-profit, pro-bono project to catapult single-use plastic bags into early retirement.

Alongside Sho Shibuya of Placeholder and a ridiculously talented roster of other creative people and businesses, I created the strategy for the project, gave it a name, wrote the book, website, and anywhere else words were needed. This was a super rewarding project for me in particular, because plastic pollution is a major contributor to environmental damage. Luckily, our launch coincided with New York State moving to ban single-use plastic bags, and we’ve donated over $10,000 to Parley’s ocean plastic clean-up initiatives.

Creative Director & Publisher: Sho Shibuya of Placeholder

Designer: Chih Hsuan Hou of Placeholder

Photographer: Vanessa Granda

Photographer: Henry Hargreaves

Website: Malone Chen and Ben Chan of Twomuch Studio