Cole Kennedy

Come waste time on the internet with me.



This is definitely where I waste the most time but I also feel like I get the most value out of Twitter. Mostly I share shower thoughts, musings on tech, nonsensical polls, and the occasional GIF.



There are few products I've ever vouched for as loudly and as consistently as I do Foursquare. Of course, I worked there, so it makes sense. But if you use Yelp, we might have a problem.



I'm a writer, after all. You'll find a blend of professional babble and personal essay, which is basically just to remind myself that I did study creative nonfiction at one point.



I have a friend who works at Snap, so I can't publicly admit that I like Instagram Stories better than Snapchat Stories. Of course I only use Instagram for those perfectly manicured photos from vacation.



This is where I pretend to be an avid reader of the Harvard Business Review, and also where I direct people when they ask about résumés.



I don't share fake news.



Were you wondering what to buy for my birthday? Perhaps you want to be inspired by my style, and by style, I mean pictures of models wearing clothing I can't afford?



I have really good taste in music.



Most of the stuff I recommend on Pocket ends up on Twitter, too, but just in case you want your picks influenced by my picks, here.