Cole Kennedy

I use my imagination to come up with words and ideas. Scroll to see some of them.


Advertising things I've done:

Product things I've done:

Some other things I've done:

  • Caisson, an early-stage identity management platform, for which I helped with brand direction and wrote the words on their website.

  • The Infor Design System

  • Handy for Amazon Echo

  • Nuts & Bolts, the Handy product and engineering blog.

  • This There That, a now-retired project with friends about eating and drinking around the world. (I did all of the design and copy.)

  • About Surf Yoga Beer and a blog post about my experience with them.

  • 15 Other Ways to Say Submit

  • Tell the Story Together, a short essay on how copywriters and product designers should work collaborate.

  • Pizza, Pies, and Paradigms: an essay that thinks way too hard about the word "search."

  • The Foursquare Vices Challenge, a data-driven editorial project detailing the most sinful tastes in each state.

  • The Foursquare #TasteTuesday series, a weekly blog post highlighting the top venues for a given taste each week.