Cole D. Kennedy

My work focuses on channeling ideas, concepts, and strategy through language.






Currently, I'm working on the creative team at Starry as a copywriter. If you're in Boston, you should sign up and get a taste of the future of the internet. If you're not in Boston, don't fret — we'll be in your area soon.


I started at Hook & Loop, the creative product studio at Infor, building a modern, beautiful, and easy-to-use suite of enterprise applications for the retail industry. We worked with clients including Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, Crate & Barrel, Lululemon, and The Home Depot to deliver a paradigm shift in retail software.

Since starting, I've moved to work on the design system team, where we're making the user experience a major differentiator across all of Infor's many, many products. The SoHo Xi design system represents a global effort to unify aesthetics, interactions, and tone, and I'm proud to work on such an impactful project.

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I was the first copywriter at Handy, so I had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects. From a marquee advertising campaign in the New York City subway to a rewritten help center, I had my hands on everything that involved language, content, and information architecture. Heck, I even wrote a script for a skit performed by the senior leadership at our company retreat.

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My first 'real' gig out of school was an internship on the content team at Foursquare, which felt like a dream come true. I've always held the company in deep regard, so the chance to move to New York City and work on a product I've had on my phone since day one was a tremendous experience. Plus, I had a hand in creating the deeply sensual hashtag #FriesCoveredWithStuff, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Common Living


Back in October 2015, I moved into this brand new "co-living space" called Common as one of their first members. Since then, co-living stopped being a rare phrase and I've had the chance to work with their team on content, messaging, and branding. That, and they helped place my name in the New Yorker, which taught me to never, ever to be sarcastic with reporters.

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Surf Yoga Beer

Here's another thing that's exactly what it sounds like: Surf Yoga Beer is a group of people that go surfing, do yoga, and drink beer, but there's so much more than that. I helped write their "About" page to help explain the concept to unfamiliar people, and wrote a few stories about my experience with them along the way.

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This There That


Who doesn't love talking about restaurants? I sure do. My friends do. So, we started a side project that would allow us to do that more often. At first we thought it might be an app. Then we made it into a website. Most recently, we've settled on a  community model. Regardless of the incarnation, it's been fun to explore to world of food and travel. For this project, I designed the website and brand, as well as writing all of the content.


The Missouri Review

Back in college, I had the chance to work at the literary magazine affiliated with my school. So, not only did I get to work with legendary writers and editors, but I also got to explore another area of interest for me, technology, and it just so happened that I seem to have made the start of a career at the intersection of writing and technology.

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